Pain and Heartburn

Misc cut-and-paste from an online group I post to. Kept here mainly for my benefit only…

I do get a little pain if i eat too much in
a single swallow. The operation pain is mostly gone. There is only a
little pain at the wound sites but they are healing really well and
being male, once the hair grows back in you won’t be able to see them :-)

Bending over isn’t a problem for me, strangely enough, it was a
problem before but i’ve lost 14kgs now (in a month) and its easier to
bend over.

Today I was out again and went to a service station, got a sandwich
and thought I would be able to eat it all (I also got a drink but was
going to wait 30 mins after eating to have some). Anyway, my first
time on untoasted bread worked fine and I ate 1/2 the sandwich and was
quite satisfied. If someone had told me that weeks ago theres no way i
could believe it. I’ve just had a small apple now for an afternoon
snack (it took about 45 mins to eat) and I’m full again.

Now the only stumbling block is salad and I might try one tonight. Its
only hard to make food when there such little quantities. I also
haven’t had enough protein or my liquid vitamin today so thats all
gotta happen too. maybe a salad will have to wait till tomorrow.