Whats in the stable at the moment (camera stuff)

I have been asked repeadly what camera stuff I use. Heres a reasonably complete list with comments. This is why I don’t change to shoot canon. Also, I believe Nikon offers better equipment.


80–400mm VR
This offers great reach, especially when used with the D300 DX sensor

50mm 1.4
Great fast lens for some portraits etc. Its a little wide on the D3’s FX sensor.

85mm 1.8
This is great for shooting shows, kids dance concerts etc

70–200 VR 2.8 (my favourite lens)
This is fantastic. Its sharp and on the FX sensor, is even better for basketball and similar tasks

10.5mm 2.8 DX
AS this is a DX lens, its really only good for the D300 but the 14–24 2.8 is good enough on the FX

12–24 f4 (DX)
Fantastic lens. Mostly kept on the D200 for underwarter work (with the aquatica housing)

14–24 2.8 (non DX)
This lens is so sharp its amazing. suits the FX sensor perfectly.

105mm Macro (2.8)
Great macro lens

105mm Macro 2.8 (VR)
I bought this to replace the above but it goes to f3.5 with focus distance changes. really strange.

60mm Macro
Great portraid lens (also used in housing on D200 for underwater shots)

18–200VR DX
Fantastic holiday lens (when you only want to take 1 with you) but being DX its not much good on the D3

TC14 and TC20
Both work well with the 70–200 but I havent used them since the 80–400 arrived


4 x SB800 (with 2 x SD8A’s) and SBR200 + SU-800 for macro work
Great for playing around or for a really portable studio effect.

6 Studio flashes, 2 high power daylight fluro banks all with softboxes, reflectors, backdrops etc

Misc transmitters, Brackets, Tripods, Monopods etc.


D2x, D200, D300 ,D3 and 2 x D100’s