Another big day. 3km on the bike

Today was not really a ‘biking’ day. A total of 3km on the bike (to and from Flagstaff Hill).

The destination, was a seaside period (about 1870’s i think) village with lots of shops, sailmakers etc. It was interesting and worth visiting. Tomorrow, I have to go about 340km to Kingston SE (you need the SE aparently of google gets a little upset). Its lots of coast riding but with the southerly wind, it might suck. We will see.

Anyway, not much to report. Just some photos taken today of me at the caravan park (just taking off on my riding day) and another at the park (after climbing a cannon)

Just for the record (so I don’t forget) the bike started this trip with the odometer reading 3091k. Its still performing brilliantly.

I just plugged in the internet box with the high gain aerial so we have a decent connection at the moment. Libby will be happy because she will be able to upload lots of photos.

Anyway, heres the photos i mentioned.