Well, Friday, the day after flagstaff hill visit is the first day of heading north. Leaving around 9am, I travelled about 10k in the wrong direction waiting for the satnav to tell me when to turn (the sun was in the wrong part of the sky so I know somethng was not right). I then zoomed out and discovered that when I was pre-setting all the way points in the sat nav, i had missed the Kingston SE stop and it was pointing back at Alglesea. 10 mins later, I was back on course, the sun knew its place and all was right again.

Not much to tell really about this part of the trip. It was only about 350k to the next stop. I passed a wind farm (back in 2001 is was the largest in australia) but the photos are pretty crappy.

Then it was on to Mt Gambier and its blue (actually grey) lake. It was nice to sit in a macdonalds, get some rason toast and drink a decent coffee. After getting warm again, I went back to the bike and headed to kingston.

I arrived about 1hr ahead of the others and decided to see some parts of the town and of course the big lobster.

I rode into town (about 90 seconds riding) and saw the big lobster (about 3 mins) then went to the Big Lobster (ok, they want me to call it Larry the Big Lobster) tourist section. It was an empty room with a single touch screen information system which was off and parked against the wall with a sign on it saying it wasn’t working.

So, I was no about 5 mins into the hour I had to wait and needed something to do. I walked up the street to the, aparently, famous garden sun dial. The sun had by now however decided to hide behind clouds so the sundial was not quite working. I couldn’t even see a vague shadow. I then walked to the service station (with another tourist information section. Theres only so long you can look at chocolates, crappy magazines and fishing tackle.

So, 30 mins down and I finally had to go to the last resort. “Kev’s tractor Museum” was the name of it but please don’t get the wrong idea. Its not a museum.

When I was growing up, my grandfather had a factory and lots of stuff spread everywhere. My grandmother had things like pedal sowing machines in the shed etc. Aparently, this ‘museum’ was just people like that, just not throwing things out for a long time.

Where were all sorts of things that I consider junk that shouldn’t be anywhere, espescially a museum. I do however have to give it something, it does have a higher tractor co-efficient than most places i’ve been to.

So, still having 20 mins to kill, I went back to the park (via a long 5 mins drive to make sure nothing was missed) and met the others entering the park.