Leaving Bundaberg

I’ve already done this and the next day but wordpress ate them.

I got up early but stayed in the room as it was really cold. My breakfast was delivered (pre ordered the night before) and I packed up and was ready to go about 8:30am.

The Rum tour wasn’t starting till 10am (I had to be there 15 mins early) so I had some time to kill. I went to a bookshop in bundaberg and asked for a short book just for a few days. The lady sugested, and I bought, a book called “Don’t tell mum I work in the old rigs”. Its really quite funny and interesting. I then went to a coffee shop. got some decent coffee and raison toast and started reading.

The book was so good, I almost forgot to get up at the right time but just made the tour.  I’m not really into rum (or any alcohol for that matter) much but am always interested in doing factory tours. It was quite interesting although I don’t think she (the guide) liked it when I asked if they get their timber from sustainable plantations. Aparently they are working towards it.

During the tour, they explained all their different varieties of rum and how they are made and how the differ. There was one that sounded interesting. its called “Royal Liquor” and was sugested for the people who don’t like rum that much. They only sell it there (you can’t even mail order it, it has to be purchased in person). Because I did the “Gold” tour, I got 2 free drink vouchers to try in the bar at the end of the tour. Bear (sic) in mind that its 10:45 in the morning when the bar opens and I’m not a drinker anyway but I asked for one of the royal liquor things. It was really really nice. I finished it quickly and wanted another but having no real tolerance to alcohol, and having to ride to Noosa, I decided to not use the other ticket.

In the obligitory gift shop at the end, I got some of the liquor, and while wondering how I was going to get it on the bike, saw a sigh saying that they have a postal service. I then got some more things and boxed them all up and freighted them home.

It was then time to go to noosa. My brother had finally sent me his address so I programmed it in and went there. Noosaville is like a maze. Without satnav, it would be really hard to get in or out of there. I got there at about 1500 and Suzie was there. Marc and the kids were not that far behind me and soon we were talking about old times and Marc was preparing dinner (apparently this is rare). I haven’t had a lamb roast for years so this was a nice change. I live in a vegetarian house and only get meat at work lunches etc. Even those times, I don’t eat pig, lamb or veal.

During dinner the family has a ritual called “happy/sad” where everyone gets to talk about what made them happy today, what made them sad, and what they want go get out of tomorrow. I really enjoyed this and would like to start something similar with my family. It gives an interesting perspective on what people think is important.

After dinner, I spent some time with Marc on the computer and hopefully solved some issues.