What a difference a day makes

Well, this morning, I got up, had a HOT shower (the water now works) moved all the wet stuff around so more of it dries and went out to see what townsville has to offer.

The tourist information centre said the diving was crap, jet-skiing was really cold and beaches really cold and crap.

So, I went to a movie (the new Batman one) and when I came out, the sky was mostly blue, the sun was out ad it was definatly warming up. I got some shoes and on getting back to the room, 80% or the stuff is dry and the rest should be done tomorrow.

I went to the Tropical Queensland Museum and its quite good. Its like a mixture of the Questacon in canberra, the Maratime museum in sydney and the sydney natural history museum. Overall, its quite good and worth going to. It would however be much better with the kids and wife here. I’m finding that I’m not really a solatary traveller.

I also went for a massage today and hopefully that should help.

Tomorrow I will go onto the Billabong animal park and will see what its like.