I didn’t realise that dinosaurs were on the ark

Creation Museum/Creation Museum

I don’t quite know how to respond to this place. If you think its 6000 years old of 65Million, We still have lost many species. Being very very conservative¬† there were at least 300 species per cubic meter on that ark.

Obviously, they haven’t read the bible or much science. It always amazes me when people tell me the bible and science (eg evolution) can both be right. It clearly means that these people (like most christians) have not actually read enough on either topic. The bible mentions unicorns at least 9 times (from memory)¬† so its not really on a good footing.

I recently had a discussion with an ‘uber christian’¬† (not my words) and was told that the bible consists of 3 styles of information

  1. Historical
  2. Descriptive
  3. Prescriptive

Well Anyone who has read it (seriously) can tell you that the Historical text is very often wrong. Actually its about as accurate as you would expect from under educated people documenting hearsay. (eg, lookup Herod and when he actually lived)

The descriptive test is also very wrong (eg PI = 3.0) so thats really not the inerrant word of god either. Lets now look at the prescriptive text, Things like its your responsability to kill both men if you see homosexuals. (Lev 20:13). Most people would not do that today as we have essentially moved on. The zeitgeist changes and we now know that this is wrong. How much of the other text can we trust ? It would appear that most people today read the bible and like the sensible bits and dislike the ridiculous bits. Its almost as if we have our own ethical standards that are independent of a sky pixie which we use to judge things with. Now, if thats true, why do we need a god anymore anyway ?