The Sydney Morning Herald

A while ago I noticed that the SMH seems to becoming more of a tabloid than a real newspaper. In my opinion, they are leaning to the right (although this has changed a little in the last few weeks) and are all about sensationalist descriptions of events.

I decided to simply count the number of times the word “sex” appeared on the home page. I didn’t really want to spend too much time on this obviously so that appeared to be the simplest. So, heres the results over the last month.

we peaked at 17 (with 13 visible to users). The Green represents the count of the word sex in the html, the blue represents whats actually visible to people (ie, not in links)

I tried to look for patterns like a day of the week, time of day etc but couldn’t. It seems like they just go through sexy moods (sic).

Now I guess someone will complain that sex appears 4 times in this entry (including that one).